Egypt Cigre Bibliography

Cigre has been present in Egypt Since the 80's and currently has approximately 20 Individual members "Individuals involved in the industry", 8 Collective members I "Public or private companies, including power system transmission and distribution utilities, scientific and technical organizations, research Institutes and administrative bodies", 4 Collective members II "Universities and other educational bodies" with access to thousands of their employees.  These members are drawn from across the industry, including large electricity organizations, regulators, market operators, academia, manufacturers, and consulting firms. 

Strategic and Action Plans

The technical directions and objectives of Egypt Cigre are presented in Strategic and Action Plans.

Strategic Plans of the TC and the SCs describe the mid- to long-term ambitions and goals concerning conducted studies, in line with the general mission of Cigre. They guide the planning of the activities and their coordination over a long period. The Strategic Plan of the TC is the Master document: it analyses the status of the Electric Power Industry, the trends which can shape its future, and selects the priorities for the technical activities of Cigre.

In accordance with the TC Plan, the SCs reflect their own views and ambitions in their own Plans.